DC and His Disheartening Career

What Happens When a Great Driver Has Cause to Doubt Himself

— Just saw this mini-post by Brad Spurgeon at the New York Times F1 blog, where he posts David Coulthard’s personal summation of his career:

” ‘It was a realistic, it was a professional decision,’ he said of his decision to retire at 37 last year. ‘I was given world championship winning cars, I didn’t win the world championship; there’s a connection. You know? Good, not good enough.’ ”

This is sad to say.  And, possibly true, but also just possibly down to bad luck.  Mainly, though, what struck me was the tone.  I wasn’t there; I don’t know how it was said, but it just sounds like DC is/was resigned to losing, and that’s just not going to cut it in F1.


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  1. Or maybe it is just what it seems: an honest review of his career (with which, by the way, I totally agree…).

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