Disagreement Ahead

What Happens When Pompousness Gets the Best of One

— I really enjoy the F1 coverage by The Guardian, but I think Maurice Hamilton has, perhaps, overstated the catastrophe that he feels will result from Michael Schumacher’s return to the cockpit of a Ferrari.  At The Sport Blog today he claims that Schumacher will look like a fool when it turns out that he is not fit or capable enough to return to F1 with no testing and at a track which he has never seen.

I offer a small difference of opinion.  I don’t think it matters…this is Michael Schumacher, and with him they now have an opportunity to preform in-season testing.  Team principles and drivers have already stated that they do not expect to challenge for the championship this year.  Any problems Schumacher will have (yes, will have.  He is not perfect, nor is he fit enough to fully challenge for anything) will be offset by the fact that Ferrari will have the consummate test driver in the car until Massa can return.  Now sitting third in the constructor’s championship, Ferrari will see Schumacher as a golden lining in the horrific Felipe Massa incident.  Not only will they learn valuable information, but they can try out new bits for next season this year.

oh, yes, and don’t forget the fact that someone is thinking of the terrible ticket sales for Valencia.  I haven’t seen any numbers, but I’d be willing to bet my own non-existent flight to Spain that seeing Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari will nearly offset the thought that Fernando Alonso is currently banned from his home race.  (though, I don’t believe that will remain after the Renault appeal, anyway)

Of course, this could also be my pompousness getting the best of me…

— UPDATE:  see also, Ferrari’s request to FOTA and the FIA that Schumacher be given a dispensation from the in-season testing ban…and FOTA’s acquiescence at SPEEDtv.com.  Are they going to break the FOTA 2 week summer shut-down, too?  If so, Maranello wouldn’t have to turn off the lights for the first time since 1947.

I would just like to say that if Ferrari wins the constructor’s championship again this season, that it will all be down to Schmacher’s testing prowess, and his ability to test different car parts in the middle of a race.


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