BMW Sauber and Next Season’s Confusion

What Really Happens When Everyone Shuts Down for Two Weeks…Or Do They?

— According to Formula 1 Complete (here), BMW Sauber is about to have an emergency press conference at their headquarters in Munich.  F1Complete seems to be under the impression that the team will be pulling out for the 2010 season.  However, the Official F1 website just posted an article all about the motivation McLaren’s resurgence has and will provide for the team to work harder (here) this season and next.  Didn’t everyone just sign the Concorde Agreement this past weekend?  It seems like the imminent lack of racing for a month (a month, really? who scheduled a month off after three weeks off just a month ago?) has brought everyone’s logic to a screeching halt.  Why announce leaving and working harder at the same time?

Mightn’t it instead be that BMW is announcing their status as head of FOTA for next season, and the previously hinted at signing of an agreement until 2016 (here) instead of 2012?

Maybe they’re just commenting on Renault’s most expensive team ever award…$260 million spent last season alone.  Flav’s paycheck should maybe decrease instead of increase as it did.

oh well, c’est la vie, expect more updates as I see them.

— UPDATE:  or, I could totally be wrong here in the middle of nowhere and just let the actual journalists report from their sources, as the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper did moments ago, saying that it is likely BMW is leaving next season.


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